Oracle PIM 12.1.3 is alive and available

If you didn’t already know, Oracle PIM 12.1.3 is available for install.

It is available under Oracle 10G or 11G but 11G is recommended.

If you decide to use it with 10G, then you will have to start with PIM 12.0.4  install and install 12.1.1 then install 12.1.3.  Yikes!  That means days of patch application to preserve the database version.

You will need a very senior DBA (upgrade the tech stack) to preserve 10G database version.

You better open an SR for this as well.  

I highly recommend that if you don’t have an existing reason for 10G and EBS then go to 11G.

 Install notes for EBS might help you.  There is connection between notes that will lead you in circles at times.  Install by component not a whole EBS if applicable.

Anyway, I have went through most of the Item functionality and it works well.  I have had some WebADI issues but they already have patches available for the majority of the issue.

The home page is very different in view.  No middle column like in 12.0 and other 12.1 versions.  You can save favorites in HTML on demand.

I haven’t seen any major bugs or interruption from using standard functionality for PIM in 12.1.3 yet.  If I do, I will try to blog it.



About oraclepim

Bob Barnett is an authority on the Oracle E-Business Suite and PIMDH. He has been delivering the Oracle manufacturing and product item master functionality for over 15 years.
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2 Responses to Oracle PIM 12.1.3 is alive and available

  1. shamshad says:

    has there been any updaes since 12.1.3?

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