Oracle PDH (PIM Data Hub) WebADI Choices COTS in 12.1.3

I had a good question asked in the Oracle PIM LinkedIn group.

Could someone tell me if it is possible to assign a list of items to one or more organizations?

There and other things are possible when mass updating the PIM Data Hub with lots of information from a spreadsheet.

Items created, updated, or synchronized with attributes.

Item Revisions can be created.

Item People can be assigned (specific to item/organization assignments)

Items can be mass categorized for alternate catalog assignments.

Item Organization Assignment can be loaded through the WebADI application tool as well.

Manufacturer Part Numbers

and finally thought highly complicated you can import Structures/Bills of Material through Excel spreadsheets with WebADI (Oracle Web Application Desktop Integrator).

This is all “Off the Shelf” functionality.

Hope this helps,



About oraclepim

Bob Barnett is an authority on the Oracle E-Business Suite and PIMDH. He has been delivering the Oracle manufacturing and product item master functionality for over 15 years.
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2 Responses to Oracle PDH (PIM Data Hub) WebADI Choices COTS in 12.1.3

  1. Rama says:

    I am looking for information (advantages and disadvantages) installing PIM as a standalone versus intalling PIM on an existing eBS.
    What are the things to consider in case of standalone? Appreciate your help.
    Thank You

    • oraclepim says:

      PIM Standalone allows the PIM client to take advantage of PIM being agnostic to EBS upgrades which is the number one reason to do PIM standalone.

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