New Poll for Oracle PIM Data Hub Implementations

Don’t make me beg….

Okay, I’m begging.  Please fill out the poll so that I can see how Oracle PIM Implementations are doing around the world.  Please add comments.  I will screen them and report back comments.

All comments and votes are anonymous.  And I will certainly not share personal info nor contact info with anyone else.  That would be insane but I won’t do it regardless.

The poll will help me determine the quality and causes of failure throughout the entire Oracle PIM implementation market.  I will use this information to improve myself as well as hopefully add some value to the Oracle PIM user community.

Please let me know if you are starting and that you have read my other blog articles regarding best implementation methods for Oracle PIM Data Hub.  Please, please, please (continuing to beg).

Over 3000 reads last year on this blog!  Thank you to everyone.



About oraclepim

Bob Barnett is an authority on the Oracle E-Business Suite and PIMDH. He has been delivering the Oracle manufacturing and product item master functionality for over 15 years.
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