5 Responses to Importing Metadata into PIM Data Hub 12.1.3

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  2. Mudassir says:

    Dear Bob, Hi,

    with reference to EGOIMDCP, it seems <correct me if i m wrong) that I can upload
    1. Values
    2. value Sets
    3. Attributes
    4. Attribute Groups
    5. ICC
    6. Link Value Sets with Values
    7. Link VS with Attributes

    But how can i upload a
    8. link between Attributes and Attribute groups
    9. Attribute Groups and ICC

    • oraclepim says:

      How can you not upload the link between attribute and attribute group?

      You cannot have an attribute without an attribute group.

      User defined attributes do not exist independently of the group.

      Therefore you could have the same attribute name (internal and display names) over and over in different UDA groups. It doesn’t matter because the attribute always belongs to a group.

      Through the user interface in “Setup Workbench”, you wouldve had to create a group in order to create an attribute.

      Attribute group assignment to ICC is importable as well (or should be according to the metadata requirements)

  3. yale says:

    It seems that we still need to “secretly” develop an export of metadata to populate the open interface tables. Any suggestion or references for the export process? How are we supposed to know what to put in the interface tables in the first place?

    • oraclepim says:

      It is a very good question. I am asking the same question. It seems that certain partners are getting access to this information but not license owners and smaller consulting firms.

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