Your future product will be created on the WEB

No matter who you are or what industry that you come from, Your product will someday be designed, demanded, updated, evolved, driven by, directed by, and CREATED by the web community.

The WEB market is actually doing this for some industries and smart companies.  I have changed the way I do business because of the availability of “cloud” services.

I love the ability to store my scanned receipts on the cloud.  I love the ability to do almost 100% of my banking online.  I love to be able to manage employees and the books on the cloud applications.  All these services were demanded and driven by customers needs.  Really

Business development is constantly asking for further abilities to see behavior in products through their lifecycles.  Sales and marketing cannot exist without each other.

I don’t necessarily need to go to a store to see a new laptop model.  I love the way the physical stores are now offering services as part of the whole experience.  I don’t have to bring my plasma television back to the store to get it repaired.

There is no escape and there is no alternative. Let’s be reasonable. If you make fire and hunt, then you are probably an exception.

What does this have to do with PIM Data Hub design?

You probably are not asking that question but I need to write an article demonstrating the strategic need for companies to get their PIM data hub initiatives started soon.

You are going to need to find as many different avenues of business development as you can in the coming years.  Your competition is from the entire globe.  Your competition knows more than one language and offers their products as fast as you can deliver them.

I can order a custom Hong Kong bespoke suit (tailor made) and receive the suit perfectly for under 500 dollars delivered to my US address within six weeks of the whole start of the process.   If I order the same suit from the same tailor again then all I have to do is pick the cloth and other options and the time is reduced by several weeks and the price is lowered.  But right behind them are other Asian tailors willing to do more tailoring for less money.  Though we all are told to perceive that one country has better labor than another, the web offers us the choice to send our measurements to a suit maker in Vietnam who offers suits with the same cloth for less money.  Once enough customers buy Vietnam made suits and word spreads on the internet about their quality and price, the market will swing towards their suits.

If you are a smart Hong Kong tailor, you will open your operations to that model or pray that your customers stay with you.

I combine my desire for English made wool cloth available anywhere in the world with the high quality tailoring available in Hong Kong online and I get a suit that is actually less cost tailored than a “off the rack” suit near home.  Lets not even mention the dinosaurs who insist their tailor services are worth 3000 pounds sterling.  The internet is forcing the suit industry to move a direction.  The customers who still wear suits want high quality for a low price.  The customers who are buying off the rack have already agreed to buy suits from the Asian market.  And they have been doing this for a long time.  Check your label.

Retail is changing.  Retail is virtual.  There are not many things like a walk in the mall on the weekend with the family.  But did I buy anything?  Yes, I bought food in the food court.  and drastically discounted clothes for my daughters and wife.

I wouldn’t have bought what I really needed because I didn’t go there to shop.

The market and the purchasing behavior was strictly due to my family’s desire.

If I want something for my business whether it is for the office or services, I will shop the internet.  I have never come up empty handed.

If I want a person for a  job/project, I will use job postings and email for most of my contact.  If I want to know who is reading my blog (please…), I will look at the dashboard reportings and search page services to tell me.  I will figure out who you are and make customers out of you.

I will use my product knowledge that is available to me to develop new services to offer you.  I will design the product around your mysterious behavior.  I will reuse content in a different way if that makes you buy my product.

Of course, if I have very complex products, I need a way to organize, secure, repackage, and release those products.  Big companies have far more complexity than I do.  PIM Data Hub helps those companies leverage all these sources and destinations of their product information.

While the users of PIM don’t know how they are going to use the PIM data hub in detail five years from now, they do know distinctly the product data that exists today.  They have in their hub so that they can use it to redefine their offerings as the market and the world demands it.

PIM professionals should encourage practical use of data hubs to get everything centralized.  Disparate systems should talk “product” together in harmony without disruption.  PIM systems should be able to recommend the next step in the future based on past abilities and the present requirements!!

But for those in the Product Hub business, we design product hubs that can receive and standardize within and outside the organization for the future.

More to come….

如果我想一个人的工作/项目,我会用我的联系方式的招聘信息和电子邮件。如果我想知道是谁在阅读我的博客(please. ..),我会在仪表盘向当局呈报和搜索页来告诉我。我会找出你是谁,让你的客户。
当然,如果我有非常复杂的产品,我需要一种方式来组织,保护,重新包装,并释放那些产品。大公司有更多的复杂性远远比我好。 PIM数据平台可以帮助这些公司利用自己的产品信息来源和目的地。
PIM专业人员应鼓励实际使用的数据中心得到的一切集中。不同的系统应该跟“产品”和谐共处而不会中断。 PIM系统应能够建议下一步在未来,过去的能力和目前的规定的基础上!!


About oraclepim

Bob Barnett is an authority on the Oracle E-Business Suite and PIMDH. He has been delivering the Oracle manufacturing and product item master functionality for over 15 years.
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