Chicken or the Egg? MDM first then BI

This article is heavily based on the extremely informative presentation made by Dan Power, President of Hub Designs and Haidong Song, Product Strategy Director of MDM at Oracle.

The presentation was the best high level representation with specific instructions to organisations on how to conduct data governance.  Get this presentation at OAUG Collaborate 12 proceedings.

#10471 – Data Governance: Start From Where You Are

Before you call anyone to come and help you get your MDM intiatives started and organized, read this presentation!

The speakers were eloquent and accurate in presentation.  They answered the questions quickly and accurately (and realistically).

As a delivery practicioner, I was very impressed with the assembly of the content of this presentation from many different sources.  I have met Dan Power in the past.  I consider him to be a guru level advisor regarding all things MDM.

This presentation is the best “light” reading for executives and project initiative sponsors to date as far as I am concerned.  I believe my presentation on Sunday was part 2 or 3 to Dan’s and Haidong’s presentation on Monday.

I have already ask for my copy of the presentation because I am going to read and memorize the presentation.  I would always refer people to Dan for seeking expertise.  But in addition, I would recommend obtaining this presentation from OAUG, reading it, and seeking Dan and Haidong for questions afterwards.  Since Dan makes a living helping organizations with MDM planning and initiatives, I would advise not to try to dominate a lot of time before simply engaging his services.

For more product specific presentations, I would recommend my presentations as well as a few others:

Other speakers: If I didn’t include your presentation in my list above, my apologies.  I am directing people into the content that I have personally reviewed and enjoyed.  It is no reflection on the quality of writing by the other presenters at Collaborate 12.

The title to this article is because of one important quote that I will probably misquote.  I really liked the statement that I will approximately repeat and reiterate from Dan Power, “You should probably put in your MDM initiatives first before you start your BI (business intelligence) initiatives. ” That is the rough end of the quote.  I will continue with my own opinionated elaboration.

This is not to say that BI is not also relevant to other areas and data not covered by MDM hubs.  But, to be fair, instilling great data governance practices into your organization will lead to far more focused and decision driven business intelligence.  The details of master data management will enable business intelligence reporting versus hinder the BI.  The success of an MDM initiative from top down will lead to successful BI not the other way around.

Dan Power writes for several publications including his own.  You can find him at or the online magazine

I should be selling my services on the blog.  But technically by leading you towards services like Dan Power offers, I am preparing you for a successful Oracle based MDM technical solution for your purely business driven intiative.

I hope this helps.  I am now going to go have fun at Collaborate which happens to be in the sleepy little town of Las Vegas.





#10471  – 数据管理:从你身在何处。

你叫任何人来帮助您得到您的MDM intiatives启动并组织之前,请阅读此演示文稿!








这并不是说,BI是不是也与此有关的其他区域和数据不包括MDM集线器。不过,公平地说,灌输伟大的数据治理到您的组织的做法将导致更集中驱动的商业智能和决策。主数据管理的细节,使商业智能报告与阻碍了BI。 MDM主动从上而下的成功会导致成功的BI而不是其他方式。







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