Oracle HELP US!!! We need FUSION INFO ON PIM,,,please?

Open World is going on without me right now…but it is worth the sacrifice to help design some pretty cool integrations with PIM.

I am sure that OPN (Oracle Partner Network) won’t miss me since they have their favorite partners and demonstrate that.  Too bad the customer doesn’t get the best referral from this network.  I cannot believe I paid for this service just to watch incompetent consulting firms get referred because of personal relationships.  I hope my friends get big promotions and powerful positions someday so that they fire your friends..  (Hisssssss….)

I had some fun over the summer.  Didn’t talk about Oracle PIM on blog very much at all.(you can tell by my blog submissions).  I troubleshooted several clients who had a mixture of issues.

Well, who can we blame for the apparent lack of information on metalink about Fusion PIM?

I need to tell my readers some information on FA (fusion application) PIM.

I need information on FUSION PIM or I am going to become an obsolete consultant….

I hope that I can rely on some great people within the Great Wall of Oracle to help clear the air on starting an Oracle FUSION PIM implementation.  As I learn, I will try to help.

Please try to understand that I will provide what I can via the blog. But there are some things that are confidential to my clients with regards to design.  There are also methods that I cannot share on the blog because they give me and my companions a competitive advantage in the market.

Typically, our advantage is that we have experience and won’t tell you to do something that we haven’t personally experienced.  Everything is a recommendation though sometimes I passionately advise you that you have no choice.

Fusion PIM is a mystery that is being kept well hid from the general implementation population.  Too bad for Oracle!

The competition is trying very hard to beat us and they are accomplishing this with unexpected success.

Release the hounds and tell us how to implement this peice of software.


About oraclepim

Bob Barnett is an authority on the Oracle E-Business Suite and PIMDH. He has been delivering the Oracle manufacturing and product item master functionality for over 15 years.
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3 Responses to Oracle HELP US!!! We need FUSION INFO ON PIM,,,please?

  1. christophe says:


    Great post, we want to implement Oracle Product Hub. We see two applications
    Oracle Product Hub and Oracle Fusion Hub.

    Which one should we go for ? We do not have any requirements for E-business suite.


    • oraclepim says:

      Fusion PIM and Oracle PIM (Product Information Management) Data Hub and Oracle Product Hub etc are the same product but there is a Fusion version and a EBS (E-Business Suite) version. They have the same basic functionality and they are not Agile software. But Fusion is Oracle’s future application architecture. Therefore choose Fusion if you want to invest in an implementation of PIM Data Hub maximizing Oracle’s future support availability and you are standalone hub without using the instance as an EBS instance. EBS is not available in Fusion yet. R12 (Apps Unlimited) is a fantastic version of the PIM Data Hub with integration advantages for current users of the Oracle E-Business Suite. As well, you can implement the full use of PIM data hub in R12 without adding another instance if this is appropriate. You need an expert to help you through this. It is not a simple answer.

      • christophe says:


        Thank you very much for this reply. Will keep the blog up to date with what we finally do and how.


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