Business Driven Design still incorrectly launched by big consulting firms.

Here we are after decades of ERP implementations of off the shelf software and yet they are still getting worse and nobody cares.  How many more body counts do we have to do to understand what big consulting and middle management continue to be guilty of?

It is no wonder that most of the consultants doing implementations and enhancements to the software are imported on misused work visas and the US Government and current presidential candidates (all of them) choose to look the other way.  American business is continuing along the path that is comparable to the movies where people sell their souls at the crossroads.

American IT professionals are struggling for jobs as the US work visa program continues to increase in volume and projects continue to abound with failure.

Times have changed.   People know the projects are doomed to fail but are too afraid to confront glorified outside hired mid level executives who bring in big consulting to create a image of how important that particular executive is to the organization.  Ironically, the company had people who already knew how to best introduce change to the organization.  They didn’t need to hire someone and their “thugs” to come in and destroy the momentum that was already positive about the organization.  However, lets not beat up on the executives entirely.  It is clear that there is an abundance of cowardly and mischievous culture growing and prospering in the lower levels of American business.   No more great work ethic that built our competitive advantage in decades past.

One could argue that after several decades of thousands of ERP implementations, that it should be a “slam dunk” to install off the shelf software into any firm.  It has been my observation that on the past two giant implementations in the last 4 years along with many miniature  projects, nothing has changed from what we did in the 1990s.   Wow, I wish I was exaggerating in my opinion.  But we are now suffering from an invasion of developers trying to be business analysts with no formal business education nor experience.  Huge companies are allowing people who were developers or at university last year (or several years ago) in very foreign countries full of illegal business practices to design their business.  I was on campus at a big company last year and if I didn’t drive there from the hotel, I would swear I wasn’t in Kansas anymore.  There are exceptions as the advocates would use as examples of success but generally our IT infrastructure and software technology advantages in the USA are gone by hiring inproperly trained unskilled labor to fill seats and poorly design systems for apathetic low level business decision makers while executives only care about their headhunter and their next job.


About oraclepim

Bob Barnett is an authority on the Oracle E-Business Suite and PIMDH. He has been delivering the Oracle manufacturing and product item master functionality for over 15 years.
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