About McKinley-Alexandra LLC

McKinley-Alexandra LLC has been in business since its birth in 2006.  The founder and other employees and loyal contractors have over 100 years in system implementation experience.  While not  a big huge massive consulting firm, McKinley-Alexandra LLC is a consulting firm and not a contractor/staffing firm calling itself a consulting firm.  We absolutely believe in our methodologies and quality standards.  The client is ALWAYS partnered, reported to, and (most of all) enabled to use/manage their MDM solutions.  We don’t design our implementations to last forever.


4 Responses to About McKinley-Alexandra LLC

  1. rajat says:

    Our direct client in Keene, NH looking for Oracle R12 PIM / MDM Architect
    Duration: 6 months . Client will cover travel expenses . Rate open
    Search words : oracle AND R12 AND MDM AND PIM
    Client name: C&S wholesale grocers ( just for you –can tell to consultant while submitting )
    Rajat Sarma
    215-325-1898 ( W )
    850 Rt1 North || 1st Floor ||North Brunswick || NJ || 08902
    Oracle* Gold Partner

    • oraclepim says:

      C&S Grocers is asking too low of a billable rate for reasonably talented PIM experts. I would warn good consultants away from this project until CapGemini and C&S Grocers get their head on straight about what they need. In fact, not once have I seen a call back so you might just be collecting resumes. The US is currently being saturated by bad recruiting practices and I am sorry to my fellow professionals for that.
      My blog is not a job posting place. It is an independent point of view and informational place for Oracle PIM Data Hub product. My opinions are not necessarily the opinions of my clients nor my peers. Please consider this in your future requests.

      • oraclepim says:

        In conclusion, if you are a very good PIM implementor, please do not provide your resume to this project that is mentioned. I will explain in an article how the rates are being setup against independent professionals. This is not due to market demand. I would ask you to send your resume to me. I will take a look at it. I engage with very reputable companies and I don’t tolerate the fake and unrealistic rates of these firms. Watch out for a project in Atlanta with another big firm and client. If you are going to do business in this market then be honest! Quality is not based on the lowest bidder in the USA!!! CIOs and CEOs should quit hiring resumes with key word searches. Off shoring has caught on to this.

  2. Andrea says:

    I totally agree.
    It is time to start working towards transparency and efficiency in this market and convince customers of the benefits associated with high professional standards vs. the lowest bidder approach.

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